The Five Best Burton Snowboards in the Market

The world of Burton Snowboards has really grown from the company’s humble start in 1977.

Nevertheless, every rider of this flagship brand can be proud of the fact that they have a connection to the company that built the first snowboard factory in the world. This makes the task of trying to narrow down a list of their best gear to only five units that much more difficult. While they are Burton snowboard jackets and such on the market, no change to the way that Burton snowboards are made will take the flash out of their original product.

Burton Snowboards Factory Tour

1) The Burton Snowboard Air

The Burton Air  saw use by every rider that ran with Burton’s pro team at one point, and it deserved it. It was one of the best and most solid boards at the time of the original run, and recent experiments on behalf of the company have put it back on top. The newer version of the Air features all mountain performance and incorporates a new shape for better freestyle runs.

Burton Snowboard Air

2) The Burton Snowboard Twin

The BurtonTwin is probably just about the best snowboard for park rats. Any jib kid worth their salt has ridden one of these bad boys, and it really kick started the snow park revolution that has redefined the sport. The Twin was born from the Air series. The only real complaint that one could have about this piece of snowboard equipment is the fact that it disappeared in 1998, but they correct that mistake in 2006. Anyone who wants to land the big tricks should probably consider this series of board.

BurtonTwin The Five Best Burton Snowboards in the Market


3) The Burton Snowboard Custom V-Rocker

Many would argue that the Custom is the single best Burton snowboard on the market. Anyone with competent riding skills can get something out of the design, and many intermediate riders choose the style to catch big air. Even though it has an overall all mountain design, the Custom still features the pop of the Twin. Interestingly, Burton Custom V-Rocker ushered in an era of reverse-camber installation on even this iconic piece of gear. That should say just how much the scene has embraced the technology. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the Custom has a lineage stretching back to the first all-purpose gear ever made.

Burton V-Rocker with Chris Sorman

4) The Burton Snowboard Fish

Anyone who rides powder terrain knows that the Burton Fish is one of the best snowboards for the job. It is very adaptable when riding on that style of course, and has a lineage stretching back to the Backhill, which was the first board to feature things like front and rear bindings. While modern conveniences like Burton snowboard pants keep the powder off the rider’s body, the Fish has a feel that will make anyone want to really carve into the snow like it was something new.

BurtonFishLtd The Five Best Burton Snowboards in the Market

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5)  The Burton Snowboard Blunt

Not everyone has a huge amount of cash to shell out for a board, and the Blunt is one of the best designs in its price range. Burton made sure to price it economically, so that even cash strapped riders still have cash left over for grabbing a favorite Burton jacket after they buy it. It has one of the smoothest rides on the market because of the onboard V-Rocker technology, but Burton didn’t leave out the pop either. Jumper cables, made from carbon rod, let this board keep that element of riding and make it perfect for park rats on a budget. The flex is pretty soft as well.

burton blunt snowboard red base The Five Best Burton Snowboards in the Marketvia


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