The Modded Xbox 360 Controller: A Guide to Buying the Best

A modded Xbox 360 controller can help even the most inexperienced player improve their game.

Modded controllers allow you to customize the layout of your controller and improve the accuracy of your input commands. From button relocation to sensitivity levels, modded 360 controllers will give you the edge to progress to the next playing level. modded xbox controller green The Modded Xbox 360 Controller: A Guide to Buying the Best


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Some of the most coveted modded Xbox controllers will be highlighted below:

Rapid Fire Controller:

The rapid fire controller is designed for first-person shooter union games. Such games include Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty and a series of other games. Many experts consider rapid fire controllers an investment, because they significantly improve the response time and accuracy in the game. Since numerous companies manufacture controller mods, you must research each company to determine which modded controller is right for you. The first-person shooter game you play the most will determine which mod is suited for you. Each Xbox 360 mod controller can be tailored to your experience.

Non-First Person Shooter. (FPS) Modded Controllers:

Rapid fire Xbox 360 mods are the most common Xbox controller mods available. However, they are not the only ones available. Companies make modded controllers for games such as Resident Evil. Some of the Xbox 360 controllers are so universal that they will improve the accuracy of any player’s game. Other games include Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour and Adrenaline Rush. Neither of these games are first person shooting games, but the customized modded controllers bring a level of accuracy that cannot be obtained with standard controllers. Players should not overlook the advantagesthat can be obtained from modded controllers.

Purpose of a Modded Xbox 360 Controller

Xbox controller mods are designed to help you win the game. When you win, you have more fun. When you have more fun, you will buy more games. Some of the customized controllers have improved the users gaming experience exponentially and allowed them to game for hours. That is why many companies go through the pain-staking effort to customize your experience to ensure that you have ample opportunity to improve your dexterity and win the game.

Examples of Some of the Best Modded Xbox 360 Controllers

1. Master Mod:

Master Mod is offered by Evil Controllers. This customized wood grain controller retails at $149.99. This game has 11 different modes of navigation and 19 different features. The games feature adjustable dual rapid fire, adjustable fast reload, auto-burst, Rapid B, Active Reload, Akimbo RT and other features that will significantly improve your game. This controller is designed to work with Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, Medal of Honor, Halo Reach, Gears of War 2, Gears of War, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare, World at War, Left 4 Dead 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 and Halo 2-4.

How To Use Our Master Mod – Modded Controller With 11 Modes and 19 Functions

2. Auto Burst:

The Auto-Burst modded Xbox 360 controller is a rapid fire controller. This controller has seven different modes. Auto burst allows you to convert the three-round burst guns into a fully automatic gun. The Evil Controller companywill modify the controller with Evil Sticks, Evil D-Pad and other features to make the controller more comfortable and durable. Avid gamers enjoy the upgraded and specialized features that accompany these controllers. This modded Xbox 360 controller works well with Black Ops Auto Burst weapons such as M16, G11, Spas-12 and HS10, as well as, MW2 Auto Burst Weapons such as Famas,Fal, M93 and Raffica.

Evil Auto Burst

3. Updateable Classic Controllers:

The benefit of an updateable modded Xbox 360 controller is that software may be downloaded directly from the site whenever there is an update. The controller may be connected to the PC using a USB port. As new updates are introduced to improve rapid fire and dual rapid fire, the user will be able to remain on the cutting edge and win games easier. An updateable controller will give you an advantage over other gamers by allowing you to shoot faster and demolish your opponent in a shorter period of time. The packaging may also be customized with engravings and special graphics. carbon fiber updateable classic evil controllers1 The Modded Xbox 360 Controller: A Guide to Buying the Best Image credits: Evil

4. The Nomad Controller:

The Nomad is one of the most flexible and adaptable controllers on the market. This modded Xbox 360 controller has the option of having between two and four buttons mapped onto the back of the controller. These buttons may be assigned and reassigned as needed. Up to 10 different functions are offered. The unique design allows you to use different fingers for the controls. Many gamers have found that buttons on the backside of the controller will reduce the time delay that occurs when thumbs must transfer from joystick to a button. Thus, your accuracy is improved during game-winning moments.

N0M4D represents Evil Controllers on Fox News

5. Tiger Woods Modded Xbox 360 Controller:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour gamers can improve their golf swings by disabling the x-axis for a perfectly straight shot. Full power or ball spin may be achieved through the Rapid A button. This controller is designed specifically for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters.

Tiger Woods Masters Perfect Swing and Full Power Modded 360


No matter what your preference, you can improve your game with modded controllers. There are numerous available, and you can even design your own. Most of the modded Xbox 360 controller are between $45 and $150 in value.

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