Small List Of The Best Web Security Scanner

Internet safety is of increasing importance to Google and other search engines.

The web security scanner uses a web application to identify security vulnerabilities and architectural weaknesses. To build secure and reliable web applications, security scanners have become a necessity. Numerous companies produce a security assessment tool to aid with the detection vulnerable spots in applications or the network.


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How Does It Work?

Web application security scanners makes use of a black-box test and actually initiate attacks on the web to determine its vulnerabilities. The application is automated and searches for vulnerabilities in the following: Input and output, configuration mistakes and errors and other application problems.

Since the tool does not cover 100% of the source code, the tool can dynamically test the application. A web security scanner may also have difficulty finding cryptographic function and information leakage weaknesses. Some technical flaws are also difficulty to detect, as well as, numerous variants of attacks. JavaScript and Flash are also difficult for security scanners to detect.

A web security scanner may scan JAVA/JSP and PHP. The tool can detect vulnerabilities of the finalized release. The software may also simulate a malicious user by probing and attacking. Web security scanners are not language dependent.


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According to Acunetix, 70% of websites have vulnerabilities that may lead to theft of credit card information, customer lists or other sensitive corporate data. Hackers may attack shopping carts, login pages or a number of other documents.

Acunetix protect their applications by using advanced HTTP Editor, HTTP Fuzzer and script analyzers for Ajax and Web 2.0 applications. Intelligent crawlers also detect web servers and application languages. SOAP and AJAX are also used for scanning purposes. The Airforce, NASA, The Pentagon, U.S. Army and Sony have all used Acunetix for web security scanning.

2. N-Stalker

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This web security application is a solution that will secure your web applications. N-stalker will sweep your web applications for SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Standards such as OWASP Top 10 and PCI Data Security will be scanned for as well. Each test will ensure the applications Secure Development Life Cycle.

3. PHP Security Scanner

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PHP Security Scanner scans all web applications written with the PHP programming language. These security scanners (Pixi, Spike and more via noupe and PHP Security & Auditing Tools) know the vulnerabilities of this programming language and can test by attacking its weak points. Most of these scanners will scan files, directories and other vulnerable spots.

4. Shadow Security Scanner

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Shadow Security Scanner analyzes any data available and detects errors and vulnerabilities. The scanner performs a security analysis algorithm that is faster than most scanning applications. The scanner is competitive enough to compare to an IT professional or hacker tapping into your system.

5. Web Application Security

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Web application security describes information security of websites and web applications. Most of the web applications are made with programming languages such as PHP, Java EE, Python, C#, Classic ASP, Ruby and ASP.NET.

Websites are often attacked directly, since the introduction of Web 2.0 and social networking. Hackers will seek to compromise the corporate networks or end-users by accessing the websites. Most web application attacks occur through cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. (check Hackers Put Social Networks Such as Twitter in Crosshairs)

6. Web Vulnerability Scanner

A vulnerability scanner tests computers, computer systems, networks or applications for weaknesses. Numerous vulnerability scanners are on the market. Most use a remote attacker to attempt to gain access to information to inform the user of vulnerabilities. The software will even test TCP/IP passive fingerprinting for accuracy.

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  1. Nikto
  2. Paros proxy
  3. WebScarab

7. Website Security Scanner

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A web application security scanner identifies security vulnerabilities of web applications and architectural weaknesses by performing a black-box test. These scanners do not have access to source code, so they actually perform attacks to test vulnerabilities. (Websecurify)

8. Web Application Scanner

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The web security scanner and web application security scanner are essentially the same. Both test the vulnerabilities of web applications. Most of the applications are hosted in a browser controlled environment and JavaScript.

9. Network Security Scanner

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Network security scanners (view Top 100 Network Security Tools) scan the network for potential vulnerabilities in the network. Even private networks can be subject to vulnerability. Every organization should have some sort of computer network and network accessible resources. This scanner will identify areas where unauthorized users may gain access, modify or misuse the computer network.


Web security scanners take a different approach to protecting Internet security. These types of scanners will provide report of the areas of vulnerability. We have provided a basic synopsis of the benefits of web security scanners and would like your feedback on the information we have provided.

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