Is Purchasing an Xbox Live Gold Membership Really Worth It?

For those who are serious about gaming, investing in an Xbox Live Gold membership is absolutely essential in order to get the most out of your Xbox games.

While it is possible to play Xbox games without having Xbox Live, this may significantly impair your ability to enjoy the games and serious gamers will be more than willing to invest a small amount of money to receive an enormous amount of benefits.

xbox 360 live gold games Is Purchasing an Xbox Live Gold Membership Really Worth It?One reason that Xbox Live is essential in order to get the most out of your Xbox games is because playing multiplayer is impossible without Xbox Live. As more and more games become oriented around multiplayer, lacking the ability to play with other people will absolutely cripple the gaming experience. For example, games such as Brink revolve entirely around playing with other people. If you do not have Xbox Live, the gameplay is exactly the same, but instead of competing with other humans, you can only play against bots. Needless to say, the AI of the bots is drastically inferior to that of other gamers, and the game becomes completely pointless.

Brink on Xbox Live Gold Playthrough

Along with Brink, many other games revolve solely around multiplayer scenarios. Other games that cannot be played without Xbox Live are Marvel vs Capcom or Street Fighter. Like Brink, these games completely revolve around playing against other humans. If you do not have a free Xbox gold membership, the entire game will involve fighting against bots. Because the bots are so incredibly easy, there will be absolutely no challenge whatsoever, and playing the game will be incredibly disappointing.

Even games that do not rely entirely on Xbox 360 Live do often have multiplayer components that can be enhanced by an Xbox 360 live gold membership. One excellent example of this is the popular Call of Duty series. The game Call of Duty: Black Ops has a very intriguing single player campaign mode that is very fun on its own and does not require Xbox Live in order to play. For those who only enjoy single player campaigns, Call of Duty is one exception that can still be played without Xbox Live. The game does, however, have an incredibly popular multiplayer mode, and the reality is that the majority of people who purchase Call of Duty do so in order to play multiplayer with their friends and completely ignore the single player campaigns. Because most people prefer multiplayer matches instead of single player campaigns, an Xbox Live Gold membership will be necessary in order to get the most out of games like this.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – World Premiere Uncut Trailer

Another perfect example of a game that does not require an Xbox Live Gold code but is enhanced by it tremendously is Perfect Dark: Zero. Like Call of Duty, Perfect Dark has a single player campaign that can be played without Xbox Live. Because the levels are so difficult, however, it is possible to play the levels in “co-op” mode with a partner. In co-op mode, two players work together to beat the missions, which makes the levels significantly easier. Without Xbox Live, games that rely on co-op mode cannot be played, which drastically affects how enjoyable a game is.

Classic Game Room HD – PERFECT DARK ZERO for Xbox 360

Additionally, another huge advantage of having an Xbox gold card is the vast array of downloadable content available that can be gained with the right Xbox Live codes. For example, in Red Dead Redemption, having the right Xbox Live code allows users to download the “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” mode which contains many bonus levels involving battle against undead zombies. These extra levels are incredibly exciting but because they are downloadable content, they can only be played by those who have Xbox Live Gold.

Red Dead Redemption  Undead Nightmare Is Purchasing an Xbox Live Gold Membership Really Worth It?

Not only do some games provide extra levels for those who have an Xbox Live Gold membership, but it is even possible to download entire games that cannot be played by those who lack an Xbox Live Gold membership. For example, the original Perfect Dark game, which was made for the Nintendo64, can be downloaded and played with the use of free Xbox codes by anybody who has Xbox Live. Because this game is no longer being sold in stores, it is necessary to download it in order to play it and those who lack Xbox Live will have no way of enjoying it.

Overall, Xbox Live Gold adds a plethora of features to the Xbox that drastically enhance the gaming experience.

microsoft xbox 360 live gold membership card Is Purchasing an Xbox Live Gold Membership Really Worth It?

At only $5/month, purchasing an Xbox Live card and investing in an Xbox Live Gold membership is one of the best decisions a serious gamer can make.

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